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Can Strength and Conditioning Help Me?

By Admin
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What Is Strength and Conditioning Training?

Can It Help Me?

Peak performance or returning to normal movement all require strength and power and the benefits of strength and conditioning training is undeniable.

Building strength within your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joints is what keeps up winning and moving. No matter what age you are, we can all benefit from lean muscle mass, lowered blood pressure, improved resting heart rate, lower cholesterol, improved sleep and better mental health.

Shepherds’ Health provides expert strength and condition sessions where we create bespoke programmes to fit around your current health status and we can adapt your training around your injury or medical need using exercise science to formulate strategies to aid your recovery.

How we treat you:
  • Following diagnosis of injury by your Shepherds’ Health Physiotherapist, if treatment is rehabilitation-focused then a strategic rehabilitation programme is created. This will combat weakness/imbalance that may be causing the injury with the aim of eradicating pain and then preventing re-injury.  Treatment then leads to you returning to normal life pain free and fully functioning /RTP.
  • If the injury is sport-focused, an analysis of the sport needs to be undertaken to ascertain the biomechanical patterns necessary for specific sporting demands. A periodised programme is then written up with high consideration in using your body’s hormonal and cellular responses to exercise as a tool to attain your goals, ensuring that physiological development occurs to enhance sporting performance.
  • Nutritional advice is included and tailored to your requirements and prescribed exercise programme to aid recovery, reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, gain lean muscle mass, improve immunity and the regulation of bodily function.
  • Treatment frequency will depend on the severity of injury.
  • Length of session - 55mins / 1 hour.

The Shepherds' Health Strength and Conditioning Coach, James Stranders has written the article opposite which you can download by clicking the image >>

Strength and Conditioning Article

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