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Dealing with elbow pain

By Admin
Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tennis Elbow

It is the number one cause of lateral elbow pain. Although a common injury amongst tennis players it is not solely defined to this activity.

It is generally an overuse injury of the muscles that extend or stabilise the wrist; whether its tapping the keyboard, painting the bathroom or hitting a backhand. All of these activities can lead to a lateral elbow tendon problem if ‘over-done’.

At Shepherds’ Health we can perform an initial assessment to determine whether or not the lateral elbow tendons are the cause of your pain or if another structure around the joint is causing you a problem. Similarly, we can determine if your pain is referred from other areas such as the neck or shoulder.

There are plenty of treatment techniques we use to get you back on track, be it acupuncture, cupping, mobilisations with movement, taping or otherwise, we have the right one to get you back to what you want to be doing most.

As always exercise is very important – particularly when it comes to tendon pain. We know that tendons repair better when under load and therefore a graded strengthening programme would be a great place to start. This of course would be closely monitored by your qualified Physiotherapist.

Tennis elbow diagram

Tennis elbow physiotherapy

Tennis elbow taping

Tennis elbow treatment

So, pick up that phone (with your other hand) and call 01371 700466 or email.

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