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Marathon Training Support

By Admin
Friday, October 26, 2018

Marathon Training Support with The Running Lab

The Virgin Money London Marathon ballot results are now out and should you be ‘lucky’ enough to have gained a place your training should be underway!

The most common reason for sustaining a running injury is through training error, this is followed by a lack, or absence of strength and conditioning as part of your plan.

At Shepherds’ Health we have developed The Running Lab (Silver and Gold Package) to discuss and formulate the right training programme for you, to discover any weakness or tightness which might make you more susceptible to injury. Then we can give you the solutions and analyse your running gait to make suggestions on how to improve your performance and avoid injury.

The Running Lab will also include manual therapy to help reduce pain should you present with an existing injury or reduce stiffness and tightness as you begin to rack up the mileage. At the end of your sessions we will review your performance and see how much you’ve gained in speed and strength directing you on the path to marathon success.

Do you need more motivation….?

Marathon Training

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