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Working from home? Part 3

By Admin
Friday, February 5, 2021

Step 3: Injury Management

Whether you have let your physical fitness go over the last year of COVID, or embraced the opportunity to be more active and get sporty, injuries can happen.

If you have been experiencing pain or a loss of physical function, it is best to get advice and possibly treatment as soon as possible. The implication of simply sitting on the sofa with a bad back is a general deconditioning of your health and weakness of your muscle groups. We know that all these things go against pretty much all scientific advice for managing back pain for example.

If you cannot continue your 5k runs or injury prevents you cycling, why not try something else? Walking is great for body and mind? Or even try something new like home workouts utilising online resources to guide you. If you are not sure then give us a call! But try to replace your usual exercise format with something active to get your heart and respiratory rate up and move your joints!

So, seek help and get the correct management advice, exercises or physical treatment required to help you get back to full function and fitness. At Shepherds’ Health we can offer face to face or video consultations that can help you avoid disability and ill health.

So why not get in touch today and let one of our experts help you.

Have you let your physical fitness go over lockdown

If you need any advice on setting up your home working environment we would be delighted to help you. Contact Shepherds Health for an initial chat today!


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