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Shepherds Health

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Breathe Well

We take around 20,000 breaths day and rarely notice one of them. Yet breath is our life force, ever present. It brings in vitality, oxygen, fresh energy to keep us alive.

Breathe and Relaxation Therapy

‘Breathe well’ a simple program to guide you to efficient breathing and all the benefits this brings. We live in a very frantic world with so very many distractions, stresses and strains that can overwhelm us.

By shifting our breath rate and pattern to a steady, full, deeper and slow diaphragmatic rhythm we begin breathing efficiently (only 1 in 9 of us do so).

Breath awareness exercises, conscious relaxation along with a little stillness, can be a remarkable antidote to improve sleep, reduce stress, develop healthy body awareness, aid concentration and focus, lower blood pressure, and revitalise and bring balance to vital bodily functions such as; nervous, digestive, immune, lymphatic, and respiratory systems. Wow!

It develops healthy body awareness, can increase energy levels and brings clarity as we clear out the stagnant energy. Our breath is such a powerful tool that we have on board all of the time, from start to finish and it can help keep us in optimum health if used efficiently.

Breathe Well pricing

Approx. Length of Appointment Price
Breathing Session 60 minutes £60.00
Breathing Sessions Block of 3 £165.00
Deep Relaxation 1 hour £60.00