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Shepherds Health

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Shepherds Health

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Complementary Therapist offering Massage & Reflexology.

Reflexology & Massage in Dunmow

This therapy is generally performed on the feet and is a combination of massage and gentle stimulation of the reflexes of the body, clearing energy pathways, encouraging deep relaxation whilst detoxifying and creating equilibrium.

Reflexology is able to help many conditions as well as being thoroughly enjoyable.

Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of concentrated plant essences (essential oils) to relieve stress, enhance health, wellbeing, prevent problems and support the healing process. These used with a combination of Swedish massage, Ayurvedic Indian Medicine and Reiki healing techniques, enable a fantastic therapeutic treatment.

The pressure can be tailored to the clients requirements. Working on both mind and body, this massage treatment has shown through research to possess anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and relaxant properties, helping to prevent as well as alleviate conditions.

Reflexology pricing

Approx. Length of Appointment Price
Reflexology Initial 1 hr 5 minutes £60.00
Reflexology Follow up 50 minutes £55.00
New Massage Client 1 hr 20 minutes £65.00
Full Body Massage 1hr £60.00
Back Massage 30 minutes £45.00