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The Team < James Stranders


BSc – Strength and Conditioning Coach

James graduated in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University in 2017 and now practices as a strength and conditioning coach. He is also trained in sports massage and kinesiology taping to aid individuals in both the preparation and recovery aspects of sporting events.

James Stranders

James has extensive experience in the elite sporting arena and his speciality is in the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries.

Having worked as lead strength and conditioning coach for Loughborough Foxes (professional women’s football team) alongside studying to learn his craft, upon graduation James progressed onto Stevenage Football Club, where he specialised in rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.

As a strength and conditioning coach, James led the construction and delivery of periodised programmes for athletes, ensuring physiological adaptation to enhance sporting performance in accordance to sport specific mechanics. James progressed through the club, initially starting with the academy setup, then working with the first team, developing a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation and has worked with an array of area specific injuries from acute to chronic.

With a high level of focus on injury preventative methods throughout program delivery, James designed and conducted rehabilitation strategies for injured players following referral and diagnosis from the lead Physiotherapist.

Working with and monitoring previously injured athletes beyond return to full fitness to reduce chance of re-injury he would also identify trends to reduce the risk of potential future injury.