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The Team < Jon Shepherd


BSc (Hons) MCSP – Lead Physiotherapist

Jon is a graduate in Physiotherapy from Keele University in 2006 and also a graduate of Visceral Manipulation from the Barral Institute. He offers advanced level assessment, treatment and management advice for a wide range of conditions, including chronic back pain, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, whiplash, headaches and more.

Jon Shepherd

Over the last 14 years, Jon has attended numerous advanced training courses on whiplash, Pilates, shoulder injuries, sports injuries and joint manipulation; he is also fully trained in Myofascial Release. In addition to these training programmes, Jon has undertaken Visceral Manipulation training with the Barral Institute UK, world leaders in manual therapy for chronic pain.

He has also completed the Integrative Manual Therapy course with the world-renowned Haydn Gambling, focusing on craniosacral therapy to resolve chronic limb and spinal pain. He has continued to do a wide range of sports specific courses and the 80 Hour Acupuncture Foundation Course. Consequently, his assessment capability and level of treatment for the whole person have been significantly enhanced, particularly in relation to the treatment of chronic pain. Jon’s commitment to delivering outstanding levels of treatment is demonstrated through his continued training with some of the world’s leading experts in their field.

As a post-graduate, Jon practiced as a Junior Physiotherapist at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon, developing his skills and working with Senior Physiotherapists on the Orthopaedic Trauma and Elective Surgery wards, the Intensive Care Unit, the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Musculoskeletal Outpatients and the Outpatient’s Gym.

Since leaving the NHS to focus on his private practice, Jon has worked closely with other senior physiotherapists and orthopaedic consultants in London, particularly at London Bridge Hospital. He spent five years working as a Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health’s main corporate health clinic in the City of London. During this time, he was also a Consultant Physiotherapist for Hogan Lovells Law Firm in London. Before leaving London to bring these high standards of patient care to rural Essex, Jon was regularly teaching and supervising other senior physiotherapists in London.

Jon has also spent time at the Armed Forces Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, which enhanced his assessment and treatment skills, enabling him to deliver a consistently accurate and up-to-date diagnostic and treatment standard. He has worked with Mr Ian McDermott, Mr Paul Jairaj, Mr Livio Di Mascio and Dr Jon Houghton at London Sports Orthopaedics which has aided him in the development of a valid and up-to-date treatment approach to ACL and other sports injury rehabilitation, including tendinopathies.

In recent years, Jon has worked closely with Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Ryan Jansen ( ) to enhance his understanding of the Feldenkrais approach to rehabilitation from complex and chronic injuries. The Feldenkrais Method® is an approach to learning and action through movement. It aims to improve our posture, breathing and movement patterns to make us more flexible, powerful and coordinated. This in turn should improve our comfort and understanding of our body and mind.

To develop his skills further, Jon has previously spent time working with Gordon Bosworth, a specialist in Manual Manipulative and Sports Physiotherapy and a Senior Governing Body Physiotherapist for the British Olympic Team. Jon was trained in Bike Fitting and Cycling specific physiotherapy by Dr Michael Callaghan, a former Team GB Cycling Physiotherapist. Furthermore, Jon has enhanced his knowledge and ability to help clients manage and overcome chronic pain through the pain anatomy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach researched and developed by the world-famous Professor Lorimer Moseley, Dr David Butler and Professor Peter O’Sullivan.