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Shepherds’ Health is an advanced physiotherapy and improved wellness clinic offering the very best in specialist treatment from our expert team. We are a well-established and respected clinic offering a wide range of clinical treatments, sports improvement programmes and therapies to suit your needs.

We offer a variety of treatment options, ranging from manual therapy, visceral manipulation, through to advice and personalised home exercise programmes.

Shepherds’ Health has the right solution for you:

We stand out from the rest by offering the highest standards of accurate diagnosis through our advanced clinical reasoning skills, and this allows us to deliver effective and appropriate treatment to all our clients.

We have strong links with the very best Consultants and Medical Specialists in Chelmsford, Cambridge and London, as well as fast access to state-of-the-art MRI and Ultrasound Scans ensuring you receive a first-class level of service, often at preferential rates.


We deal with the majority of major private medical insurance providers as well as welcoming self-paying clients.


Running Lab

No matter what level of ability you are, our Running Lab will suit you; whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, we can provide you with an in-depth assessment to ensure you avoid injury or assist in your recovery from injury.


Bike Lab

Cyclists of any level or ability will benefit considerably by having their cycling position assessed and adjusted. Similarly, cyclists suffering from injury or pain that could be cycling-related may find that the solution is an assessment of their cycling position.


Ski Lab

If you have already booked your next Ski or Snowboarding trip and want to get fit to maximise your enjoyment, our Ski Lab can help. Similarly, if you have never taken to the slopes before and are not sure whether you would be fit enough to try, Shepherds’ Health is here to help.

Strength & Conditioning / Personal Training

Peak performance or returning to normal movement all require strength and power and the benefits of strength and conditioning training is undeniable. Building strength within your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joints is what keeps up winning and moving.

Strength and conditioning training in Dunmow

Sports Massage

There is often confusion around Physiotherapy treatment vs Sports Massage and which practitioner will be able to provide the right treatment for acute pain or injury.

The short answer is both!

Neuro Rehab Physiotherapy In Essex

Neuro Rehab Physiotherapy

Living with a neurological condition can have an impact on your quality of life, from hobbies you love to everyday tasks we can help you identify realistic and personalised goals to help you move better, feel better and live better.


Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vertigo and dizziness are not a diagnosis of their own, but a sign of something going on in your body that isn’t quite right.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a special type of physiotherapy. It is a proven, evidence-based method of treating patients who suffer from dizziness, loss of balance and vertigo.

Occupational Therapy

We are a well-established and respected clinic offering a wide range of clinical treatments, sports improvement programmes and therapies to suit your needs.


We use scientific principles alongside the most contemporary research in sports nutrition to push the envelope on your goals, resulting in a brighter, healthier and happier you!


At Shepherd’s Health, we really do look after the whole of you. Whilst our expert team of therapists take care of your physical wellbeing, our resident counsellor, Barbara Scoltock, takes great care of your mental wellbeing.

Nutrition & Body Composition

Helping you to reach your desired body composition goals through regular resistance & cardiovascular training, as well as giving you the tools to master your nutrition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional styles of acupuncture utilise an understanding of health and illness that has developed for over 2,000 years.