Orthosole Insoles

If you have ever used insoles, you will know that their main purpose is to help with the comfort and fit of your shoes.

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However, here at Shepherds’ Health, we can provide you with a range of intelligent orthotic solutions from OrthoSole, which support a range of painful physical issues, simply by changing the insoles you use.

The benefits of using these insoles do far more than offer a little extra comfort; they ease heel impact, stabilise ankle joints and relieve pressure when you’re on the go. The innovative design and fabric also help to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh.

Here are some of the issues OrthoSole can help with:

  • Foot Fatigue – reduce swelling, aches, cramps and generalised pain in the lower body
  • Knee Pain – improve knee alignment and will help reduce knee pain
  • Back Pain – evenly distribute body weight and help reduce stress and shock to the lower back
  • Foot Pain – pain and pressure under the metatarsal bones will be reduced by the support of discreet metatarsal pads
  • Ankle Pain – improve foot positioning improves ankle alignment
  • Plantar Fasciitis/Policeman’s Heel – the arch pad will improve support to the arch of the foot for a better foothold, resulting in a noticeable reduction in pain as a result of plantar fasciitis
  • Hip Pain – improve foot positioning improves hip alignment
  • Shin Splints – reduce the excessive traction forces that cause pain and inflammation in the shin area
  • Overpronation – the arch pad increases support to the arch of the foot, improving overall foot stability
  • Supination (Under-pronation) – the heel chassis will help support under-pronation as the foot rolls out during the gait cycle
  • Circulation Issues in the Feet – improve pressure distribution will increase blood flow

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