Ossur Knee Braces

Enhance quality of life and mobility for people living with osteoarthritis.

Ossur knee brace fitting centre Essex
Ossur knee brace supplier in Essex
Ossur knee brace fitting centre Essex
These product solutions have been built on decades of experience and are designed to enhance the quality of life of people living with osteoarthritis by reducing pain and improving mobility. Through innovation leadership, OA expertise and partnerships with medical professionals, we offer comprehensive, proven and effective treatment options.

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The Össur Unloader® brand name has become synonymous with osteoarthritis bracing, representing OA Solutions’ technology as the industry standard, with more than 15 clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy.


Unloader One X improves mobility by providing pain relief from knee osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears.

It features Össur’s unique patented and clinically proven 3-point Leverage System that generates unicompartmental unloading of the knee joint.

The brace has been designed to be a simple fit.


  • Moderate to severe unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative meniscal tears
  • Other unicompartmental knee conditions that may benefit from unloading such as:

– Articular cartilage defect repair
– Meniscal repair
– Avascular necrosis
– Condylar bone marrow lesions
– Tibial plateau fractures

Ossur knee brace fitting centre Essex


  • 3-Point Leverage System consisting of two Dynamic Force System (DFS) Straps, rigid shells and a single upright hinge contribute to a unicompartmental unloading of the knee joint.
  • The unloading is effective only when needed, no condyle pressure during sitting or swing phase.
  • A slender perforated frame with soft edges, contours easily to individual anatomies and remains discreet whether worn over or under clothing.
  • Skin friendly liners and pads as well as a smooth inner surface of shells reduce probability of pressure points.
  • Alignment guide on hinge facilitates correct positioning on the leg.
  • Entire brace is machine washable (washbag included with product).
  • Easily adaptable to individual needs and anatomical shapes.

It comes with customisable options to add, in case there are any issues with dexterity/ gripping; so that independent fitting of the brace is still possible. As well as extra grips for the straps if there’s any concerns with migration of the brace or skin viability.

All off the shelf braces come with a 30 day trial period and clients can have a full refund for all undamaged braces.

You can check with your insurers if they will cover the brace and fittings, AXA has a direct link already set up with Ossur and here at Shepherds Health, we are a registered fitting clinic affiliated with Ossur.