The ever changing world of sports nutrition has become a complex plethora of information with contradicting evidence and bias from almost every avenue, causing much confusion when deciding on a route to take with your personal intake.

Nutrition assessment in Dunmow

Nutrition Advice in Dunmow

Sporting nutrition advice in Dunmow

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Whether you’re an elite athlete striving for marginal increments in performance alongside strength and conditioning, a keen runner wanting to improve your 10km time or maybe you’re seeking to improve general health alongside your training, we can help remove reduce that clouded vision!

We’ll use scientific principles alongside the most contemporary research in sports nutrition to push the envelope on your goals, resulting in a brighter, healthier and happier you! Not only is nutrition important for pushing the boundaries of physical performance but it will also enhance your recovery capabilities if utilised correctly. You’ll be directed into the optimal intake of dietary requirements for your sport both on and off the field. 

A range of aspects will be analysed with specificity to your goals, including;
  • Guidelines identifying and maintaining optimal body composition.
  • Energy and substrate analysis.
  • Devising strategies to avoid the possibilities of acquiring gastro-intestinal tract distress during exercise.
  • Daily/weekly expenditure.
  • Reducing post-exercise inflammation.
  • Pre-mid-post event fuelling strategies.
  • Hydration strategies.
  • Supplement advice.
  • Intake specific to physiological adaptation, sport and injury.

With this behind you, coupled with informative and technical instruction from a strength and conditioning programme, your body is prepared to operate at peak efficiency, giving you the platform to push your limits in training and competition.

The relationship between performance and nutrition is of significant importance, so if you’d like to optimise your potential contact us for nutritional advice, today!

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