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Physio: Stay Active, Stay Healthy

By Admin
Thursday, August 4, 2016


A huge part of Physiotherapy is empowering people to improve their activity levels.

Recent literature suggests we are much more likely to have a positive impact on someone’s health by increasing their activity levels than helping them to stop smoking.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy


It’s not surprising that having an active lifestyle has positive effects on your health, but changing our lifestyle a little can have huge benefits, reducing medical issues such as cardiac disease or depression dramatically. A cracking video which has been around for a while sums this up with a great animation, see 23 and half hours on YouTube below.

Activity can have a huge impact on aches and pains if performed correctly and to the right intensity.


At Shepherd’s Health we can assess and treat your problems but also aid in setting up the right individualised exercise programme for you.
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Other resources: Government Publication - Health matters: getting every adult active every day

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